Relief From Menopause Symptoms With Combination Of Three Asian Herbs

15 January 2018
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There's no denying that menopause can be a beastly medical condition that causes you grief. Without a doubt, menopause is miserable. Sleep problems, hot flashes, the gaining of weight and foggy brain thinking are only some of the illnesses that menopause causes. Irritability and angry emotional outbursts threaten spousal relationships and even shatter friendships that mean so much to you. Worry no more about opening the freezer section of your refrigerator and sticking your head in just to cool off. Read More 

Three Tips To Help Family Members Get Settled In Their New Retirement Home

7 August 2015
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Helping your elderly parents or other family members move into a retirement home or senior care residence can be a bit of an emotional experience. While your folks will certainly warm up to the idea before long, some people can feel a little resistance to this move -- after all, they might have had decades in the same home leading up to the relocation and aren't fond of change. There are a number of ways that you can ease the transition and help your family members quickly feel established in their new home. Read More 

Tips For Relocating Into Your New Retirement Home

5 March 2015
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Moving into a retirement home, such as Schlegel Villages, is a life-changing decision, and the transition to a retirement house can be a big one. These tips will make the transition smoother and easier to handle, so you'll be able to better manage life in the retirement home when you get there. Downsize Your living quarters at the retirement home may be smaller than your previous home. Before you begin to move, make the decision to downsize. Read More