Tips For Relocating Into Your New Retirement Home

5 March 2015
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Moving into a retirement home, such as Schlegel Villages, is a life-changing decision, and the transition to a retirement house can be a big one. These tips will make the transition smoother and easier to handle, so you'll be able to better manage life in the retirement home when you get there.


Your living quarters at the retirement home may be smaller than your previous home. Before you begin to move, make the decision to downsize. Reducing clutter will make your new home easier to clean and more pleasant to live in. To downsize, consider holding a garage sale, or give some of your old items to charity. Pass on important keepsakes to your children and grandchildren, so you can rest assured that your sentimental items will stay in the family.

Start Planning In Advance

Planning your move well in advance will help you space out the work, making the task of moving less exhausting. Start packing boxes as soon as you've made the decision to leave your old home. If you're unable to pack boxes yourself, enlist the help of a younger relative, or hire a full-service moving company.

Make Visits Ahead of Time

Visit your new retirement home before the move in date, so you can get used to the surroundings and perhaps meet your new neighbors. This will make you feel more welcome and comfortable in your new home when the move has finally taken place.

Your new retirement home may have public meeting spaces, clubs and societies, and activities for residents. Take tours of the grounds, visit the public spaces ahead of time, and contact those clubs and societies that interest you. This will give you something to look forward to during the moving process, and will help you to make fast friends in your new home.

Work With Management

Talk to the management at your retirement home to coordinate your move-in date. Management may require you to alert them ahead of time before parking a moving truck on the grounds. This will ensure that there is space for your moving truck to park while it's being unloaded.

Ask management at your retirement home if there is any literature, brochures or pamphlets, that will help introduce you to your new building and the neighborhood where you live. This welcome package may make it easier to settle in your new residence.

For more tips and advice, speak with a representative from your retirement home management team.